About 35mm

35mm Magazine was founded in 2015 by model turned photographer Nick Sabatalo. It was established as a fine-art and fashion photography magazine with the mission to be an outlet and platform for the film photography community featuring film only images.

Issue Zero was a limited edition and hand numbered hardcover book. She uniquely featured dual front and back covers, one black and white and the other color. The inside pages followed a similar suit as the dual covers, half the book featured black and white film photo stories and the other half color. Photographers of this issue were interviewed and their points of view on analog/film and photography were shared, complimenting their images.

Vol. I was a softcover newsstand magazine and the first installment for 35mm that featured not only film photography, but also poetry, artwork and handwritten letters. Every editorial story began with poetry and ended in a handwritten letter by one of that shoots team members.

Vol. II also followed the formula of film photography complimented by artwork, poetry and letters, but because of how timeless all these elements were, this issue was made into a hardcover book featuring 16 limited edition covers, each edition numbered by hand. The photography editorials in Vol.II were a mix of old and new, six from the past “archives” that the earliest was shot in 1968 and the remaining 12 were currently produced editorials.

In 2019 the 35mm brand name was changed to TANGIBLE Magazine to better encompass the many different and equally important parts to the publication that were not only just film.

TANGIBLE is the unique combination of the many timeless mediums that the brand 35mm came to develop and grow into. She intends to stay true to the original mission of 35mm, to remain film only photography and include works of poetry, artwork and handwritten letters.

35mm Magazine, Vol. II (2018)

35mm Magazine, Vol. I (2017)

35mm Magazine, Issue Zero (2015)